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Mark is based in London and directs studio and location-based content. He has over 1,500 broadcast TV credits covering documentary, live music, variety, chat show, and magazine genres, with shows airing in over 100 countries around the world.
Mark joined the industry full-time in 2013, having realised that sitting at a desk in an office for the rest of his working life wasn't particularly appealing.

Alongside his TV work, Mark has created a slew of short films and music promos. Flame, which he created with Sapphire Model Management, was nominated Best Dramatic Film at the Short Film Awards, and he has directed narrative videos for the likes of Wall Of Sound’s Kids On Bridges, Liverpool punk rockers The Vile Assembly, and Sweden’s House Of Trees.


Mark is based in London, and has credits in feature-length film and documentary, TV, music promo, short film, corporate, commercial, & online. Get in touch to discuss how he can help your project.
Tel: +44 (0)7782 325463