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LA LA LAND - 5/5

Damien Chazelle's follow-up to the masterful Whiplash  is a glorious musical homage to Hollywood and modern love. Much like The Artist did five years ago, it ticks off the tropes with abandon, and yet maintains a firm grip on realism alongside the choruses and wire-work. As the pre-title sequence progressed, my heart swelled to bursting and I had to force myself not to applaud in the sparsely-populated cinema.

In my opinion, the edit was kingmaker in Whiplash, but here the movement of the camera is central. Chazelle again reserves the hand-held look for a very specific shot, yet also indulges in long steadicam sequences befitting of the lengthier choreographed moments.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling work well together, Stone particularly affecting in Mia's more emotional moments, and there are some great instances of light-hearted sparring between the pair.